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koni fsd

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Hi, I am currently running the pro kits on stock struts/shocks. Which of the 3 would be my best strut?

Koni yellows, koni fsd or mazdaspeed accessory struts

Also will there be a noticable difference when swapped to a better strut?
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it depends on the intended use. be a little more specific and someone will answer
Koni's FSD are the best ride and handling compromise.
correct. for track/autox applications i would say go with yellows
Sorry, to be more specific, I own a 08 gt, currently just dropped on the factory struts with a pro kit. Right now I find the car feels very unstable going over bumps or dips in the road. I am looking to get rid of that bouncy unstable feeling. I was looking at the aftermarket Mazdaspeed accessory struts since they do have an attractive price but would go with the konis if they are worth the extra. Thanks
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correct. for track/autox applications i would say go with yellows

Jack Burns won the national championship in 2007 with Koni FSD. :eek:

Are there any RELIABLE vendors who have a decent price on them? Please don't say Protege Garage. Been there, got the dirty t-shirt.
Scratch what I said about Protege Garage, they're cool. They have a good price on them but he doesn't stock them, and Koni is out of stock. Koni did tell me that they have another shipment coming in on Monday though, so there should be more in the pipeline in a week or two.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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