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Knock retard, not at WOT

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I recently bought a Dashhawk, and have started to play around with it. One of the things that I setup is an alarm for Knock retard. Today, on my first trip using this setting, I was getting lots of knock retard (up to 5.6!), every once in awhile, usually around throttle transients, as I was driving in 6th gear, 60-80 mph on the highway, but never flooring it.

I know for sure that knock retard is very bad at WOT, so I tried out a few WOT runs, and did not see any knock retard, except once during a shift, and it was only around 1.

I only use 93 from Sunoco, so I don't think its bad gas.

Please put my mind at ease about this.
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Same thing happens to me when I am letting off the gas in 6th on the highway. Happens very VERY random and unfrequent.
Happens to most people. Usually 5.9 is the magic number. That's what I get occasionally at partial throttle. The shift KR is different, and I get that too sometimes. Not so much with the stock BPV compared to my HKS. Good news is, you didn't get any at WOT. Your fine! Partial throttle KR will always exist with this ECU.
partial throttle knock is nothing really to worry about. all the speeds seem to have it.

This dashhawk is the devil.  It makes me do 0-60 runs (5.6 seconds on my first try, on snow tires).  My overall hoonery has gone up considerably, and now it makes me worry about knock retard.

Definitely worth the money.
Have you done any datalogging yet? If you need some profiles, I have some set up already.
What are profiles? Set-ups for dashhawk to record? I am getting knock retard and want to do some data logging, but I am real new at this. Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
if you carefully read the ATR documentation, you'll find that cobb thinks it's due to the fact that the stock ECU was very aggressive with timing during partial throttle (for gas economy reasons), and the KR is actually used by the ECU to bring the timing back to efficiency range if it happens to overstep the efficient bounds of combustion. make note: KR = knock RETARD, which does not imply (in our ECU) that there had to have been knock to set it off! ;)

now, christian can obviously be wrong about this, but i trust his judgment and insight on this, since it just makes a whole lot of sense here. knock at light load (which is when i usually see it on my car) just doesn't make sense.
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