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lmp180psu said:
schulkw said:
Mazda has a driving course here in the US for each dealership and it's like 14 miles.
Is this test drive course something mandated by Mazda that each dealer should abide by? It would be nice if I could test drive the car for 14 miles to get a good idea of the performance, noise, ride etc. on different roads.

The only negative I see is that the cars would have "a lot" of miles on them ( for a new car) in only a few test drives.

This test drive policy is certainly better than the 4 right turns and back to the dealer test drive. :lol:
It has a formal name. It's something I thougth was at all Mazda dealerships. They plot the surrounding area so you can take the car on different types of roads, like highway/interstate, curvy & winding, bumpy, etc, etc. I took a 6 for a drive in Nashville and was impressed with the test drive.
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