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Hey guys and gals! I'm a long time Mazda fan who just picked up a 3 last week. Quick Mazda history:
94 Ford Probe GT bought in July 95 (Mazda 2.5L KL03 V6 in it)
95 Mazda Miata M-Edition bought in June 01
02 Mazda Miata LS ordered in Sept 01, received in Dec 01. Custom internet order-only color (Vivid Yellow), 1 of 239 produced. Turbocharged with an FMII kit in May 02. Dyno'd at 233hp, 210tq at the wheels at 9psi.
94 PGT sold in fall 02
04 3s 5dr bought in January 04

About my 3:
2004 5dr
Winning Blue
Cloth interior
Moonroof/6cd pkg
Xenon/TPMS pkg

Looking to buy some snow tires for it; the all seasons it comes with absolutely suck in the snow. My 95 Miata is currently my winter car, and it's fantastic in the snow. I'm hoping the 3 will be comparable with good snow tires.

EDIT: Thread title :twisted:
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