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Just picked up my 3!!!

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Just drove home my first "NEW" car, 2009 3i TVE in metro grey! It's like night and day as compared to the jetta I traded in for it!
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:goodjob: congrats and welcome to the forums. :wavey:
Congrats man and welcome to the forum you will enjoy your car trust me I'm on my second mazda3 myself lol
Congrats man! We used to have a Vdub and it gave us so much problems. It was a money pit.

Good move switching from Vdub to Mazda!
Hey there welcome! Congratulations on the new ride! Let's see some pictures... ehehe. Be sure to update your location in your profile so that we can better help you with any questions you may have. Having a location posted will also help you to get involved in local meets and whatnot. :)
Hmm, I know you just picked up the M3, but I wanted to ask. Do you think its too slow? Not sure if I should pick one up or not.. seems a bit on the slow side for me, and I'm not a fan of the hatch otherwise I'd go with the mazdaspeed3
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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