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looks nice... warrantee info for the newbs in the aftermarket world.

a car manufacturer can in fact VOID a warrantee on specific PARTS of a car if they deem the aftermarket part to have played a part in the failure of that part/parts. NEVER can they simply VOID and entire warantee of a vehicle for simply placing an aftermarket part on it. this would be the equivalent of VOIDing the warantee for using oil/lubricant/coolant/water/brake pads/etc... you know where I am going with this... that is not of a mazda make or approved brand. here is my advice... dealers like to have our vehicles serviced there, so make friends with one of the service managers at your local mazdaspeed dealer, and I can promise you that there will never be an issue with warantee discussions. I have worked in and around the car business for a number of years and only ONCE have I seen a car not fixed for aftermarket (well kinda) parts. The kid had hacked up the shifter and other parts and then proceeded to bitch for 2 months that his car shifted harder than normal and he wanted a new trans. i personally told him to kiss my royal managing A**, and to take his piece of trash car with him.

nice story huh? haha!
1 - 2 of 470 Posts
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