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Whad up?!?!

name is Eric from TORONTO..

just picked up a Mazda 3 sport with my fiance..

it;s mostly her car but i will drive it once in a while.. WAITING FOR MY Civic Si ; >

but she got a 2007 Mazda 3 sport in pearl White with sunroof (which we got for free)

BUT the waiting period is pretty bad.. but i guess since it's made in Japan and pearl white is so popular u can;t complain!

first the guy said 2-3 weeks.. then we got a call saying he cannot get it till first week of march..

he said he PROMISES first week of march but after reading the thread about waiting times i dunno!! haha but i have faith it'll be here sooner ; >

just wanted to say what's up and i am sure i will have a lot of questions.. mostly familiar with Honda's but after test driving and see the mazda 3 in more detail i have a new found car ; >
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