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ok, i spent the day changing new rotors (OEM) and pads (Hawk HPS)

lets just say the rear suks.

the rear pads compared to the front are totally differnt. its like nothing left in the rear and really meaty in the front.

the rear are so bad that when i tried to turn the piston back, it wouldnt go back down. i tried the cube to turn the piston... none of the 6 sides fit. i tried teh snap on kit... none fit. i then used needle nose pliers to turn it and wont go down. thats how far out it has gone. i then used a c-clamp to push the piston lower so the thread inside can catch so i can turn it in.

also found out that one of my rear rotors have a crack on it. *YIKES*
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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