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It's actually a long story, so here it goes:

I got to Virginia in September after a 9 month deployment and flew back to Washington state to pick up my 1997 Nissan Maxima and drive it back to Virginia. After dropping a grand in maintenance for the cross country trek, i was getting 529 miles out of a tank, cruising at 70mph in a car with 200K miles. Drive all the way here, and my car gets flooded out and totalled. :cry: So I buy a 2006 Fusion SEL with the I4 and a 5Spd. Over the months, I fall in love with the car. While on my way to see my kids in NC for christmas, i hydroplane on I-26 in South Carolina, sending me into the guard wire, totalling the Fusion. :grr: :madcrazy:I didn't realize how far in love with that car i had fallen until I bought an '07 Mazda 6. Same platform and engine. Almost the same car. But all of my options were gone. No heated seats, no leather, no heated mirrors, no stick, no auto-dimming rearview, no window tints, no premium sound system, no moon get the idea.

Well, due to my absolute s*** credit score, i was stuck with an outrageous APR of 26%. I know i shouldnt have signed it, but i needed the car, and i was out of time and options. This last wednesday, I was at a dealership with a friend of mine. Somehow, the question of trading in a financed car came up. Turns out, you can do that. After being promised a rate of less than 10%, i began to shop around. The second day there, I see her. a red 2010 Ford Fusion Sport. The dealer drove her around, and my heart dropped as the car came to a stop. Such a beautiful machine. I fell in love with it before i even got in to drive it.

So, after a $1500 down payment and an interest rate of 7.99%, I now have a Ford Fusion (again). Absolutely in love. Gorgeous interior, awesome options (minus the reverse cam and heated seats), mucho power and so much fun to drive!!:cooler:
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