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Love the new car, but it took a long time to find.

I have the 3s 5-door with navigation system but had to settle for automatic and titanium instead of manual and black. The color's growing on me and I don't miss the clutch at all.

My previous car was a VW GTI VR6 which I took to 71K miles. Interior appearence was better, and you can't beat the fat**s powerband from 50-110. The Monsoon stereo was far superior.

But the body roll was awful and little plastic items inside broke all the time (both cupholders, lots of plastic covers, etc.). And let's not forget the window glass falling into the doors three separate times, once in the rain. AND the mass air dam sensor going out, getting replaced and not having the computer reset to record that a fix had occurred.

So what I wanted was a hot hatch with 4 doors, Japanese reliability, and a nav system. The 3 handles better, has a "good" interior presentation and is fairly quiet inside. Overall, this car is a nice replacement and close to my goal of a European car with Japanese reliability.

So what's the first mod?

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