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Hey, I was looking through the forums for a double din kit. I currently have the Metra and it's a POS. It cracked in one area, and the brackets for the LCD screen bring it too far forward, pushing the dash strip out in the middle. Anyways, I saw a whole bunch of threads saying that the kits from JapanParts fit excellently. Two questions... 1) do their kits come with hardware to keep the LCD in its correct location so you don't have the issue with the dash strip bulging? 2) Which frickin kit do I buy? The grammar on their site is horrible. I have an 07 ms3 so I want the kit that matches the silver trim, NOT the piano black or any other form of black... and I need the kit that has brackets for the LCD if possible. So I guess, people who have this, or at least know about it, could you send me a link to the one I'm looking for?
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