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I am hoping somebody can help me with an irritating issue I have been living with. Ever since I bought my Mazda 3 a couple months ago, the speakers have a high pitched ringing sound whenever I am listening to music through the MP3 jack. This only happens when the device is charging through the car. It never happens otherwise, and I have ruled out the possibility that it is an issue with the ipod/xmradio that I use. The speakers will ring while I am listening to my ipod, but it will stop moment I unplug the ipod from the charging jack. The ringing always gets louder and higher pitched as the engine goes faster. As odd as it might seem, the ringing mixed in with the engine makes the car sometimes sound exactly like a jet airliner. The ringing is louder some days versus others, but the ringing always reacts the same way.

A friend of mine commented how it seems like wiring might not be shielded enough, which kind of made sense to me.I had the issue checked by the dealer today, but they could not find anything.

Thanks in advance
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