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Is there a way to access all Navigation functions when moving?

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My partner has a Lexus and there is a way to unlock the navigation so you can use all functions when moving? Is there a way to do this in the Mazda?
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Get a 04/05 MS3..... ;) I think for 06^ they changed the programming so you cant access while moving...
Is there a way tp bypas or"cheat" the system?

On our Lexus you can push various buttons on 2 screens and it unlocks it. I discovered how to do this in a Lexus form. Does anyone know how to cheat ours to think we are not moving????
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My partner has a Lexus . . .

My partner has a 5 series BMW. And me. I think he likes the BMW better. :?

As to your other problem, lots of posts - no solution. :(
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