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Is it worth going back to the same shop?

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i have another thread about my woes with my car, but the autobody shop i sent it to is giving me even more headaches.

i just want everyone's opinion if it's even worth sending it back to them. After a month i get the car back and the steering wheel wasn't centered and the right headlamp motor wasn't working.

i took it back and they centered it and the headlamp motor works, but detailing it last night i noticed that the cut off on the headlights aren't as aligned (the right side is below the left). Also i noticed that they didn't install the windshield gutter so it was flush against the window. Also while trying to adjust headlight level myself I noticed that the new headlamp's motor is still whirling 1-2 seconds after the left one is done. WTF. that can't be right.

Of course I don't want to go back if i can just do it myself because I hate to deal with them anymore. However, since they lost my all weather mat i have to eventually go back to pick them up. Should I have them address all these issues again? They take FOREVER. I had to wait 2 hours to get the steering column centered (maybe it was a wheel alignment) and the headlamp motor working.
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Personally, I would take it back until they get it right. I wouldn't consider waiting 2 hours Have you downloaded the MS3 shop manual to see if it can help you out?
yea i'm awaiting replies on the exterior lighting forum trying to figure out how to do this on my own.

it's just annoying i have to point out each thing wrong. they don't go that extra mile and make sure everything is perfect.
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