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Hello everyone,

I have a Mazda 3 year 2004 which I still really like. I'd like to get a new aftermarket head unit for it and I've just figured it's a whole mess which I try to understand for a few days of digging everywhere..

Edit: Sorry for the long post, would appreciate your help if you know the answer.

I understand that the way the original LCD display connects in the 2004/2005 models is different and it will not work with an aftermarket head unit right out of the box (or at all?) as it connect to the head unit itself and not to a dedicated connector coming from the back.

One seller on aliexpress has told me that some people managed to get their LCD display working with his systems by modifying some connections, cutting the LCD display's wires and soldering them to the harness in a specific way.

Here is a diagram he's sent me:


unfortunately there is no link to that page but it seems like it's the same as the work done here at this thread: "04~05 MAZDA3 Change 06~09 LCD for trip computer" although I don't have a trip display on my LCD display at all and no "Info" button. my system looks like this:




The smaller connector on the back at the middle is used for a USB/Aux adapter and the display says "EX" in the picture once I press the CD button and it simulates a CD changer I guess.

So my main question is:

Did anyone install an aftermarket head unit and did this mod on a 2004/2005 Mazda 3 and retain the AC display with the original LCD display?

Edit: The seller that has sent me those pics just told me the answer to the question above is that my original LCD display will retained with the AC display through the CAN bus. still I'd like to be sure by your experience.

I've read that you need a 2006-2009 LCD display to be able to to do that. but I don't get it as the display should be a "dummy" isn't it?
If it gets CAN bus data to be shown from the original head unit, couldn't it get it from the main harness as well? and if not, how does a 2006-2009 LCD display differ and will be able to get that CAN bus info from that single original harness?

I'm trying to find out if there is any way I could use my original LCD display with a new aftermarket head unit, if it wont work I won't be able to see the A/C level and temp which is the most important info there.
I don't really care about the clock or the ambiance temp. as I've mentioned, I never had a trip display or anything like that on my display and also don't have the "Info" button.

Is there any way I could see the A/C info in the new head unit itself? any chance this info is available with CAN bus and could be displayed?
Another picture the seller have sent me stating that it might:


It's pretty confusing, I have seen many pics within reviews that these units work for the 2004-2009 models.
but in this pic the seller writes that I could disconnect the LCD display entirely and all the info will be displayed in the head unit.
is that so? would I be able to see the A/C levels and temp in the head unit in any case?

But still as I said, I wish I could keep my original LCD display, at least for showing the A/C level and temp or else the new head unit should show everything.

I'd greatly appreciate any help and information about all this. I'm pretty tired of digging :)

Many thanks in advance.


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What I recall from years ago is the only way people kept the display was to chop down the factory stereo and install it somewhere else with the wires extended. If I recall several people stuck it in the capacious glove compartment. I didn’t remember the ‘04 was available with the auto climate control.

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your situation just like me,
i can tell you the original LCD display can not match with the aftermarket Head Unit, i think becasue of the decode function is including in the original HU.
the only way you can keep the LCD display is to buy a LCD display that after the 2007 ,
i bought one used display it is cost around USD32 , and then you can make the wire connected follow the diagram that you posted.

i didn't cut off the original cable from car ,
i connected the wire from the below cable that attached with the aftermarket HU,
and it's works fine.
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