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Is it just me...?

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Hey all,

Long time reader, first time poster. Just took my first test-drive of the MZ3. It was a Sport GT cloth with auto. Loved it. Will probably buy it. I've had my eye on this car since the Sportif concept was unveiled. One thing that I did notice that I found slightly disconcerting was the close proximity of the gas pedal to the brake. Maybe it's just my fat feet, and my big shoes, but I did notice my foot clipping the brake when moving to the gas. Anyone else notice this? Also, anyone know where the tape deck would be installed if you opted for it?
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Didn't notice the pedal, however while were in this topic (driving). I notice the speedometer is kinda strange.

Im use to 100-120km to be near the top (11-12 o'clock) position of the guage. Driving the Mz3, 100km is at the (9 o'clock) position. I can be driving along and not notice that im actually driving over the posted speed limit.

If your driving aroudn the city (60km), the needle is pointing pretty low (7 o'oclock). Not sure if i like this. Can i use it as an excuse when i get pulled over for speeding..

Officer... I didn't realize that i was travelling over the speed limit. Look officer, the gauge is so low, i thought i was travelling at only 60km.

Your right, that is pretty low. Im gonna let you off with a warning..

Thank you officer, you guys are the best. I feel so safe in the city with you guys patrolling the streets.

-------- THE REAL DEAL -----
A Real Officer:
Licence and registration please. Here you go

Son of a bitch.. $130 bucks and what, victim surcharge $30... thats $160.

A Real Officer (to his partner):
I love those new Mazda3.

Real Officer #2
Isn't that the 10 Mazda3 driver you pulled over today.

Real Officer #1
Gotta luv those Japanese.. Zoom Zoom Zoom.....
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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