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Is Canadian 3i's fog pre-wired?

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Just bought a pair of OEM fogs off eBay. I know that the harness is already pre-wired in the US models, but am not sure if it's pre-wired in the CAN models. I notice a lot of people did the independent mod, which gives the control over the fogs. So how does the stock fogs work? Because I'm thinking of using the original harness (if it's there) so I don't have to screw around with too much wiring.

So I guess I have 2 options

(1) If it's pre-wired
Then I'll just plug them in althought I don't know how much control I have over them. At least I only have to screw around with the dimmer control section and no messy wires would be in the engine bay.

(2) Use the wiring that came with the foglights
Then I guess I have to take the steering column apart as well. There'll be messy wires in the engine bay, which I really hate. At least I get the full control of the fogs. And I also have to run the wire from the engine bay to the dimmer control, which really sux.

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Well there's wiring already running to the i model fog covers, so yes it's pre wired. How exactly you would activate them I don't know. I have a 2006 gs model.
Took me a while to find the user's manual, I think if I use the pre-wired harness, then when the high beam is on, the fogs would turn off. Can someone confirm that please. Thanks.

If that's true, I might as well get HID high, then I'll have 3 pair of HIDs, that way I can always have two on at the same time.
HID's in your highs are a bad idea. One they take too long to warm up and two they won't be in a projector and they'll end up blinding people since they sit up high. HID's in your fogs aren't a problem because they placed low on the bumper.
yes they do take awhile to warm up, but the benefits of both high and low beam and fogs on at the same time is amazing! trust me!
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