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Is Anyone using the Street Unit Side Motor Mount ???????

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the side motor mount from street unit just looks so durable and well engineered..vs the hard race one which is an oem replacement just modified..the oem style mount allows the motor to move vertically..basically if your looking in front of your engine..the engine jerks away from you and towards you...i can tell that the street unit mount will not do this..but id like anybodys review on the mount itself who has used it or has it on their car now..please let me know if its worth my money..i want a new motor mount, just being smart and getting a good review on the mount before i spend any money..please let me know. Thanks guys !
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thanks bro i read your review...i dont plan on installing the transmission mount though...i know it comes as a kit with the side mount and trans mount..but im only going to be installing the side engine mount..i cant wait to get it
Why don't you want to install the tranny mount? It comes with both and doesn't make sense to have a solid mount only on one side. If it's gear wine your worried about i will tell you first hand that it isn't bad at all, and you'll probably won't even be able to hear it with the noise coming from your headers, exhaust, and audio system you got lol
i really dont know how to install the tranny mount...i wanna guess that it is difficult ? the side engine mount is a peice of cake to change..where is the tranny mount located ? can you please send me a link to a write up for it if one appreciate that !
you just remove your battery, remove the battery tray, and replace it just like the passenger side mount, supporting the engine with a jack is required.
oh the trans mount is underneath the battery box ????????
awesome...when i get them (in a month or so) im ganna do a write up with pics so anyone else like me needs to how to do it. i really appreciate your help verto
Take note of how much higher the passenger side of your engine will be after the install. I didn't realize how much the stock mount sagged. Your engine will be perfectly level with the SU mounts. I really like mine, especially after they have broken in, very smooth.
I really can't wait to get them now..I'm ganna get the whole kit (side mount trans mount and rear mount)..imma prolly order them monday or tuesday
Does this transmount work for a regular 3?
Yeh its for both the mazda 3 and mazdaspeed 3
[quote author=basspumpindj link=topic=134777.msg2900238#msg2900238 date=1233325600]
I really can't wait to get them now..I'm ganna get the whole kit (side mount trans mount and rear mount)..imma prolly order them monday or tuesday

Good idea. That's what I did, I got the side mounts in but I'm still waiting on the rear mount that are back ordered. I was told they will be ready in 2 weeks or so. long did it take for your SU mounts to break in ? i just installed mine today..its a very easy job swapping the god are those things deisel big..i wasnt expecting to get these humongous metal mounts lol. but i like them a lot...right now i only have 25 miles on them..the vibes are pretty intense...but the worst is already over..anyway SU claims 500-1000 miles is the break in period..about how long did it take for your to break them in ? and what does it feel like after they are broken in ? do u still get the whine from the trans side ? does the interior vibrate like they werre when just installed ?
I didn't really pay that close attention to my mileage when I put them in, but I would say it was probably 500-1000 miles. When I first put them in there was alot of vibration. Now that I have gotten use to them I try and not let the rpm's drop too far, because that's when you get the most vibes. It doesn't vibrate very much at all now, just if I shift when rpm's are too low, but other than that they feel stock. The whine is still there, but I rarely notice it, as it has gotten quieter over time.
ahh i see...yes same here with the rpms..i just keep them a lil higher and id never even know i put solid mounts in...the low rpms make it vibrate a lot...anyway i dont even hear the whine when im listening to music...sounds like a goddamn supercharger sometimes hahaha..but all in all, i love the mounts..and i noticed how flush the passenger mount is with the engine like u buy these mounts twice if i needed to. theyre really great..anyway imma be taken some roadtrips this weekend so we'll see how the breaking in goes. thanks again for ur input
took some pics of the mounts...i should have took the pics while i was doing the job itself but i wasnt thinking of here are pics of the mounts installed on the car...and of course the old mounts which were FUCKED. the driver side was ok but i did notice some rips and tares...however the passenger side was completely seperated from each other and i have never known...the only thing keep them together was the fact that where it seperated did not allow the top portion to come out..

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old thread, but any review on these mounts after 3 years of use.
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