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Hey everyone, I've been reading all the ipod integration option threads like crazy looking to start using my 1st Gen Ipod Touch instead of ~16song cds. I have a new to me 2006 MZ3 GT without the CD changer, but I believe I have the bose setup.

Basically I'm looking for a unit that will allow:
1)the track title to show on the lcd screen
2)be able to turn on random song selection on the ipod AND change the song via the steering wheel WITHOUT turning off random
3)charge the unit
4)still have the ipod unlocked for manual song selection.

Is there such a unit? Am I asking too much? I know the Axxess module comes close but they say it locks the ipod and when changing a song with the steering wheel it turns off random. I've also heard that the Neo kit proves to be a learning curve nightmare to navigate the ipod.

Any ideas? or should I just settle for an audio link and forget about trying to use the lcd for ID3 tags?

Thanks in advance!
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