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I picked up an OPT7 Aura Pro light kit. First of all, don't buy the pro kit. The app isn't ready for primetime and I've been dropping more F bombs at this app than anything I've installed in the 3. Aside from that, it's a nice kit, OK price, and looks nice ... but if you're gonna buy it, don't spend the extra money on the Bluetooth version until they get their ish together on the app.

Anyway... this is on a 2007 3.

I got it all wired in. I tapped the cabin fuse in the engine bay and the lights power on. The problem is that THEY WON'T TURN OFF.

I thought if I tapped the cabin fuse that they would turn on/off with the lights in the car (that is, when the doors open/close, locks lock/unlock, alarm arms/disarms). I was wrong.

What do I need to do to get the lights to turn on or fade in/out like the dome and map lights do?
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