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I'm starting to second guess my decision to retain the stock head unit. I've got the OEM nav and Sirius and I want to keep the clean stock look and not install a theft magnet.

Unfortunately the cost of adding the things I need (want) is adding up to equal or exceed the cost of a good aftermarket solution.

The OEM iPod interface is $200 (had to go with this one for an 08.5). I'm adding an amp, sub and upgrading speakers (granted, that I'd probably do regardless of the head unit).

But I've gotten spoiled with the integrated bluetooth in the Kenwood DNX5120 in our other vehicle, and I miss it even more driving a car with a manual transmission. I don't want some cheap clip-on bluetooth hands-free speaker. I want it to pair automatically when I get in, mute the stereo when I get a call, and send audio over the stereo speakers. I've read most of the other posts about bluetooth options and there doesn't seem to be a good solution.

I think my preferred option is something like the Parrot CK3100, but even if I install it myself, once you add in the wiring harness it's almost $300. Are there any other options? Has anyone hardwired the Parrot without buying the plug-n-play harness? I'm not afraid of wiring it up myself, but I haven't found enough info to determine what is required. Are there relays in the harness kit that cut into the speakers? Would I have to add relays? I suppose I could just suck it up and get the harness or have it installed. It's just starting to get expensive, especially compared to the aftermarket head unit options I could have gotten for $500.

I'm not going to have any money left for my roof rack!
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