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vaBooM said:
MazdaSpeed3 said:
Now, if you got 8"s that sounded like 10"s, would your 6.5" still sound like 8"s? and so on and so on...
Depends. Thats an audio figure of speech. In theory, its impossible. As the cone surface area increases, the frequency response is much lower. For instance, a 10" woofer will go much deeper than an 8", but the 8" with enough power can play just as loud.

There are some guys around the net that have a very special custom box they designed for two 6.5" long throw woofers that according, to people that listen to it, swear they sound like a pair of 15".

Now thats trick.
Yea, and if that's the same site that I've seen, its a load of BS. There is one video where they play something like a 30Hz signal, but it plays loud and clear on my $50 set of crap computer speakers. That should NOT be the case with a note that low. You can definitely get a decent output of a small driver with the right enclosure, but nothing like what they claim.
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