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Installed LED marker lights on my 3 from *VIDEO*

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Very easy to install :icspot:.... remove the stock markers and snap, click, pop... and DONE!
Thank you
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Nice! I've been thinking about getting those in smoked. Mine are a tad over tinted at present.

Matt, hook me up :p
Thanks! Ya know... I could've sworn the the thing said "smoked" when I ordered it. but I guess theirs different levels of smoke..? :dunno: LOL! Oh well, Either way... I'm satisfied.

hey dan I'll hook you up with my stock markers ok? :lol: jk :p
They are lightly smoked to make them nice and visable :)
[quote author=dabears2k link=topic=135937.msg2927773#msg2927773 date=1234309980]
They are lightly smoked to make them nice and visable :)

They look real nice. I'm very satisfied. Thank you! For USPS... that was a speedy delivery. Next up... some BIGGER modifications
Very nice!!!
nice, I was thinking of ordering these but needed daytime video....perfect!
^ yes thats them. I got them too, and I cant really say theyre "smoked," as the outer shell is clear. The inner background (what the LEDs are mounted to) is a shiny grey color. They definitely look darker than the stock pieces, but arent going to give you that "blacked out" look.

I think they'll look great on lighter colored or grey cars. On black, they're OK, IMO. (Keep in mind, I'm coming from having completely blacked out reflectors on my old car.)
Looks good! I'll pick some up if my markers ever burn out.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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