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Injen Pre Filter

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Well, I have a CAI on the way eventually from the Simota GB and I was wondering if anyone was running one of the injen prefilters with there CAI and how it has worked out or at the very least gave them a little piece of mind.

Link if you dont know what im talking about:
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Kev...I have the injen pre-filter on my injen CAI....A+++ for cheap protection. If it will fit...get it! It just keeps water off the cotton filter.
I'm pretty sure Simota uses the K&N oil cone filter...if that's the case, it will fit since that is what Injen uses.
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I've got one, it's a perfect fit on my AEI dryfilter. I don't think it's really necessary but it does give peace of mind. I don't believe it degrades performance to any significant degree.

Injen has "proven" it wont effect power.
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