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After some test runs with my 2015 mazda 3 2.2. I noticed I lose some power (not all) when I hit 4000 rpm.
So today I did some test runs with torque pro. And indeed you see a loss when it's hitting 4000 rpm. Normally the curve goes to 4500-4750.

I did manage to screens from my phone with the torque app so u guys can see it.



1 more thing:
There also a slight rattle when I hit the gaspeddle.
Only around 1500rpm and it stops at 2500rpm.
Doesn't matter if I'm driving or standing still.
When I'm driving calm you don't feel anything wrong.

Lately fixes: new turbo, professionally cleaned dpf, new fuel filters, new air filter, map is good, maf also..
Maybe dirty injectors?
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