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Independent Fogs

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Okay I realize this has been covered, so I apologize in advance. If you read a little further it becomes evident that I used 'search'.

Here is my quandary. The write ups I have read all pertain to regular 3s. I know that one of them will work on the speed3(told you I searched!). The only issue I have is that, while I am more than competent with engine/suspension/body work etc. I am pretty much inept at electrical, I hate it really :x. So, I have seen on other cars fixes for independent fogs that required virtually no wire work. Now that leads me to my question. Is there an easier and reliable way of getting independent control over the speed3 fogs? Perhaps a way of turning on DRL that the Canadian models have, and then just switching that to the fogs? Sorry guys, I am just at a loss here. Hate the idea of having to open the steering column, etc. Any help would be appreciated it. It really seems that there should be another way to skin this cat. Thanks in advance for any constructive comments.
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Well when you decide to open the steering column i can help...
there are only two screws on the bottom that you need to take off... then you will be able to get at the wire. Its actually easy.
Can whatever signal which is being taken from the steering colum be taken from under the hood somewhere. Fuse box?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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