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BMR Suspension is the leading manufacturer that offers superior suspension, and drivetrain products for domestic sports cars and muscle cars. Whether you are interested in improving the street performance, or hardcore drag racing, BMR Suspension will get you covered.

If you want to improve the overall handling performance of your Mustang while maintaining good ride quality, the Koni Handling Performance Package will allow you to achieve this goal easily. This system is designed to adjust your car's ride height and spring rate. It includes BMR's Exclusive Lowering Springs and Koni Yellow shocks for a complete suspension upgrade. All BMR lowering springs are made using chrome silicon high-tensile spring wire and cold-wound with a CNC coiling machine that can adjust the spring diameter to guarantee that your right spring will perfectly match your left spring.

BMR Suspension® - Koni Handling Performance Package


- 100% Bolt-on
- Specific combination of parts
- Fully street and track tested
- Greatly improves handling
- Adjustable and non-adjustable components
- Heavy-Duty construction
- Durable powdercoat finish
- 5-6 hour installation time

View the complete selection of BMR Suspension Products for Ford Mustang

Give your Mustang the proven performance with BMR Suspension!​
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