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Here's a little history on my tranny's service: (ATX)

Fluid changed at 10K miles b/c it looked like brown sludge
Fluid changed again at 22.5K miles looking like brown sludge
Fluid changed today at 27.5K miles looking like brown sludge again.

The funny thing is that I haven't noticed any abnormalities with my transmission like slipping or harsh shifts. The techs found no metal shavings in the fluid. The service manager said he'd never seen tranny fluid go from clean looking to looking like mud in only 5K miles. He said he was pretty sure something was wrong with the tranny & that it would probably crap out at 50K miles or less. Funny thing is that they really couldn't pinpoint a problem besides the fluid turning to goop so soon, but they decided it would be best for me to get a new transmission.

Anyone else here with an ATX ever have their tranny replaced b/c of this?
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