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After a two year hiatus I picked up an 08.5 MS3 on Saturday. I had an '07 Sunlight Silver MS3 for an abbreviated period of time before life dictated that I part with it. This time around I chose Black Mica.

Our daughter was kind enough to pass along the flu so I drove it home on Saturday night and there it still sits. Of course, I noticed the "squeaking windshield" on the way home from the dealer, so I'll be looking to address that once it warms up a bit. I never had that problem on the '07.

It is supposed to snow/sleet/rain here in Central VA for the next day or so, so once that clears up I'll update with pictures. Oh, and I have some work to do with a hair dryer and bug and tar remover (the dreaded pinstripes AND dealer decal!)
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