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I'm looking to tint my Mazda3 HB, but I'm sweating the details, because I've never had a car tinted before. The shop my dealer sent me to uses LLumar, so apparently that is good. However, I've been looking at some tint jobs lately, and I'm worried about the line caused by the black dots arounds the edge of the window (on hatch and small rear windows). On a lot of cars, you can see a lighter line around the edge, which looks cheesy in my books.

On to my questions. Is that lighter line a product of a poor tint job, or is it unavoidable because of the black dots? Also, the tint guy recommended Llumar metallic film, but when I checked out a car he had just done, the tint looked really greenish. Can you get different coloured metallic tint (from Llumar)? If so, what shade would look good on a Titanium HB?

I'm a tint noob/retard, so help is appreciated.
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