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I just got my SPEED3!!! everythings great except clutch

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Is any one else having trouble with the clutch on the speed3 ? car drives awesome btw.... i cant seem to catch my gears perfect is anyone else having trouble with that? and also what exterior / engine features is everyone getting for their cars. im anxious to start putting money into this thing
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It takes some practice to get into the clutch. I have driven standards for almost 12 years now, and it still took me a little longer to get used to the clutch. It's one of the few things my wife does not like about the car. Now that I'm used to it, I don't notice the clutch/gears at all. Practice makes perfect. :D The only problem being now that I tend to drive my wife's car kinda funny....
yea since i've been driving it everyday i have been getting used to the clutch its a little different but im getting used to it im thinkin about getting a stiffer clutch maybe but not yet ill wait until this one starts slipping or something..
Yep, the clutch takes some getting used to. I've got 1600 miles on my MS3 and I'm just getting the clutch down.
Just keep in mind it'll take you a couple hundred miles to break the cluth in. Also seems as these clutches are less stiff then most, which odly enough makes it slightly tougher to move quickly and smoothly through gears.
Can your guys explain why the clutch is bothering you?

I noticed it's stiffer than other cars. My shifts have become very smooth from 2-3-4-5-6. I still have to work on 1-2, still jerky at times. If you catch the rpms before it dips below 2K rpm, it's a jerkless shift.

Also, one thing that I have had to do it take my heel off the floor. I guess I was making a newbie mistake.
The shifting will get esiar as you work in the clutch. I have noticed the oppisite, this clutch is no where near as stiff as other cars I've driven. I used to drive 92 MR2, 00 z3, and currently drive 02 3 series, 92 3 series, and 99 m3. All of which had much stiffer cluthes.

After you get over the fact that it feels as if you have to push down a ton of breaks, its makes for smoothier shifting.

Anyways, 1-2 will always be the hardest in any car to get smooth.
I've always drivin nissans(200sx SE-R, Sentre SE-R Spec-V, TT 300z) and they are by far the best clutches I've driven on any car. I don't like the clutch in my Mazdaspeed 3, but hey, sometimes you have to comprimise some things to drive an awesome car. Also, I noticed if you are more forceful with the shifts, there isn't any problems. It feels weird cause the shifter is so easy to move, but I think thats why people are having problems with grinding and stuff, they are not being as forceful with the shifts as they think they should be. Let me know if being more forceful with the shifts helps anybody else, cause It made my drive much better 8)
Yea i found if i am more force ful with my shift its a lot easier to catch gears then the slow shifting but... im being kinda hard on my clutch and chirping in 2nd sometimes... i hate the jerking motion but im getting it down... little by little .. im getting used to it... i actually learned to drive on an 06 civic Si this is my first car thats stick so im doing pretty welll
I love the clutch
I love the clutch too. If you think this clutch is bad... try driving the MS6. That clutch is even worse. Its seems that the MS6 clutch is like an on off switch or something like that.

I dont know what Mazda did different but, the MS3 clutch is a big improvement over the MS6 clutch
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I love the clutch too. If you think this clutch is bad... try driving the MS6. That clutch is even worse. Its seems that the MS6 clutch is like an on off switch or something like that.

I dont know what Mazda did different but, the MS3 clutch is a big improvement over the MS6 clutch

and i owned a 04 Mazda3 before this and +1 MS3 clutch is better
I don't really find the clutch to be much different than any others I've driven from an ease of shifting standpoint. I second the notion that it seems a bit stiffer than most new clutches; I didn't notice a huge different from my old 5spd with 70K on it.

And a little bit of gas goes a long way towards smoothing out that 1-2 shift....which I usually don't do because I'm not used to it. And keeping in some gas from 2-3 and 3-4...joygasm!
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I love the clutch

After two weeks of ownership, I am diggin the clutch too.

Speedking3: for those 1-2 jerks, try two things: catch the rpms before they fall too low and release the clutch a little slower at the friction point. Hope that helps.
I test drove the MS3 last week, and noticed that the clutch pedal is probably
the heaviest I had ever driven. I actually stalled the car twice leaving the
dealership. However, once out of the parking lot I was fine.

Wonderful car!
I was just at the dealership getting my 1st oil change and the mechanic took one look at my MS3 and asked me how I like the clutch. I told him it took some getting used to and he said that the only negative comment he's heard from MS3 owners is that the clutch takes getting used to. FWIW, when I replaced the clutch in my Porsche 911 last summer, I had to get used to the feel of the new clutch, it was completely different than the old, worn clutch.
I don't see the problem with the clutch. I've always felt the clutch was to soft. Some of you say it feels like a ton of bricks. I don't see it that way. Maybe its the fact I've always driven american sports cars with heavier clutches and this is my first Japanese car.
well im getting the clutch down now .. it just takes some getting used to 1-2 is a little bit of getting used to but im getting it down... car is great tho no complaints... i jus changed my oil today i was at about 700 miles it was actually easy to change it but that cover under the car was a pain to take out and put back on... i saw some metal particulates in the oil wen i dumped it out ... i recomend everyone change your oil around 500 - 1000 miles ( if you push it ya know?) anyways if you got questions let me know
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I love the clutch

You and your useless replies.. :lol:

This clutch IS picky. You will get used to it.
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