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hey all. my wife has a sp23 and as i don't drive it alot, i'm not as used to it as her.

i reckon its getting harder to start. it seems to struggle to turn over and takes a few more seconds to actually turn over. i tested the battery and it is fine. strange thing was, one night in the garage when i tried to start it, the headlights flashed on as it struggled before it fired.

also the cruise control seems to have failed. turn it on and set it and it won't hold speed. turn it on and off a few times and it may work. once when it was on but not working and not set, it kicked in and the pedal dropped from my foot and it sped up from 90k's in 4th to 130 and climbing.

any ideas. its going back to mazda on the 20th jan for its next service and would like some feedback before they patronise my wife and i as complaining about nothing and say there is no fault to be found.
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