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I bought a lemmon/money pit M3HB.. Urgent help/advice needed

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Hey all!!

[important question right up front goes here] Isnt it required by law that a dealership selling you a car and who is takeing care of registration/title for you, that the car passes safety and emissions before they sell it to you?? I guess my car is supposed to have several catalytic converters and the mazda mechanic only found 1, which he said would almost guarantee a failed test. That might be my only leverage to get rid of my car and get my money back.. All of the "mods" done to the car were from the previous owner who supposedly had is own body shop..

First of all this thread is connected to my previous previous thread I made, in which I was having trouble with rough cold starts on my M3HB

I finally got it in to the local Mazda dealership today to have them look at it.. I thought it was going to be a simple fix but it turns out there is a whole crap load of problems..

Lets start out with the exhaust manifold.

Circled is the O2 sensor that is supposed to be monitoring all cylinders, but as you can see, with the aftermarket manifold that was put on, the sensor is only plugged into 1 of the cylinders.. The mechanic at the Mazda dealership said the manifold looked as though it wasn't even designed for the car.. The arrow is pointing to a pipe coming out of the manifold with nothing connected to the end..

And it gets better.. Next we have the fuel pump which the service guy said was the only thing he could replace under warranty.. Hour or so later he calls me up and said he cant cover the pump and I need to leave work and come look..

Your looking at the car underneath where the rear seats go cause that's where the access to the fuel pump is.. What is that covering where the pump goes?? That's right! bubble wrap and a square cutout of a Pizza Hut box taped to the car. and underneath that is the pump

They put in an aftermarket fuel pump and because its so much bigger then stock, they had to cut the car up.
It looks as though the guy who did these mods didn't know what he was doing, everything looks sloppy, they even found silicon grease or whatever on part of the manifold which the mechanic said isn't even supposed to be there..

The ultimate problem of my car starting so rough is the fact that its not keeping the gas pressurized when my car is off, that all the fuel is being returned to the fuel tank.. It was recommended that I buy a new stock manifold, stock fuel pump, new sparkplugs, fix a broken motor mount, buy the missing necessary catalytic converters and a couple other things..

I see I only have 2 choices right now.. Spend all the money fixing it or trying to get the dealer I bought it from to accept some liability for not finding out all these issues during inspection before they sold the car.. I want to kick my own ass for not being smart enough to see all this shit before I bought it..

Sorry for the long post but any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks alot guys
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Sorry to hear this. Whoever had that car before was a complete hack. I don't know where you live ( update your location) , but in the state of VA a dealer has to issue a valid Inspection sticker on a car before selling it and this does include proper emission devices. Did the window sticker disclaim "as is"? Was it sold to you as a retail or wholesale purchase?
You dont have a lemon car you have a used car that has been modded

I would follow what they said and buy all those parts to make the car normal, may i suggest going to junkyards and pulling all the neccessary parts or trying eBay/Amazon to pick up the rest

Your car will run like shit untill you fix it properly, this isnt a rare case as for most modded cars there are little things all over that get F'ed up over time by a "dumbass modder" Ive owned used "fixed up" cars in the past and had to deal with the little things in life to get it running properly.

That is why i didnt turbo my 2004 Mz3 and just bought a new 2007 MS3, like the news or not but when you start modding and adjusting, and makeing that work... over time it will take a toll on the car and there goes the resell value of the car for pretty much its whole life unless a dumbass buys it (not implying you are a dumbass just a reference point)

Good luck to you, and you have us for help on MOST ANYTHING
Again check the junkyards for wrecked mazdas to pick up the sensors and etc....
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Re: I bought a money pit M3HB.. Urgent help/advice needed

I bought the car "as is" with no dealer warranty, only the original manufacturers warranty.. The owner before me traded it in for a new Acura at what I thought was a reputable dealer (Mike Hale Acura).. Im surprised that if they did do an checkpoint inspection of the car prior to putting it out on the lot that they would have caught/noticed some of these things..

Our family mechanic is double checking on the laws requiring dealers to have cars pass tests before selling.. If I do emissions on the car now and it fails, I might have some leverage with the dealer.. I got a real good deal on the car to which makes my conspiracy side think they knew about the issues and sold it for a couple grand less then what it was worth..

Thanks for the reply Mattle, other then the hard startups the car appears to run/sound fine but its all the underlying issues that are causing/will cause more problems.. If I do have to buy new parts the pick and pulls is where Im going to start looking first, followed by ebay like you said and save buying new ones as a last resort..
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Your screwed. Your bought it as is. Dealers are super shady! Whats going to happen now is they will blame YOU saying you put those mods on yourself. As soon as you drive it off the lot. Its yours. Now if it was a brand new car. Its different. And if its all stock and you had alot of the same problems. It would be a lemon. I feel for ya. Because now its going to be your word against theres.
Trying the emissions angle is smart. If you bought the car in Utah (it sounds like it) and it fails emissions you may be covered:

Q. What do I do if I buy a vehicle from a dealer and the vehicle has a mechanical problem which should have been fixed in order to pass safety and/or emission tests?

A. If the vehicle is titled and registered in your name, you should file a complaint with the emission officials in the county in which the vehicle was inspected, or, for safety problems, contact the Utah Highway Patrol at (801) 965-4889. These agencies will investigate the complaint. If it appears the dealer violated the law, MVED would be contacted, would investigate and possibly file a criminal complaint. However, if you are still operating the vehicle on the 30-day temporary permit (you have not yet received your license plates from the dealer), file a complaint with MVED. If the 30-day temporary permit has expired and you do not have your plates, see Vehicle Permits.
Whatever happened to this hot rod?
you know what that looks like the prev owner needed a fuel pump, like alot of people did due to not holding pressure, which was under warranty at least if you were within mileage and did it themselves for some reason with non factory parts, a real potential mess
Just curious, if you have a family mechanic why didn't you have him check out the car prior to purchase?
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