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is it going to be plug and play? I wish I didn't just spend 400 on a root canal.

I've been in touch with them, too, since they've been posting on the 6 forum about the MS3 whenever they update the MS6 owners. Anyhow, they are having the same trouble getting a PnP harness that BEGI has. The harness manufacturer is apparently locked up by an agreement with Mazda, so CP-E is trying to find an alternative supplier, also. The concern is the additional cost of what would be essentially be a custom harness. Originally, they were talking about a PnP for $700 and a wire-in for $500, but it looks $600-$650 for the wire-in and no PnP just yet.

These guys have a lot of credibility on the MS6 forum and the fact that they bought an MS3 says a lot about their committment to the MS3. I look forward to seeing some dyno results, since they just spent an entire day with the 3 on the dyno. But I'm not clear whether it was just with their turboback and CAI, or included tuning their piggyback.
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