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Thought it might be good to have this in one thread.

Okay so we are all letting the cat out of the bag....... :eek:

I am from Darwin and there is only one dealer who has a monopoly over the mazda buyers here.

However I did some research (through and negociated with a dealer in Adelaide. He was going to sell me a SP23 for $32410 on the road. Plus he would pay for the freight to darwin.

I was happy with this since the local dealer first offered me $33300 drive away. That was a $900 difference plus he was offering freight.

So with this information I went back to my dealer in Darwin. I have to say at this point I was hopeful but not expecting him to match it. But what I was expecting was a lot better than $33300 as my preference was to get it from the dealer in Darwin.

I was ready to buy a car that day if he could match the price......and he wouldnt. He was very good about it and offered me $33000 with floor mats, a full tank of fuel and since I am getting 18 inch chromes, he would buy my 17's back off me for $1000 (which I thought was a good price, what do you guys think???). But said this was his absoulte best and could not match the other offer. He basically said that he cant discount a car which is hard to get that he could easily sell for full price. Car salesmen or not what he said makes good business sense on his part (as he is the manager). But thats his problem!!!!! And so I walked........ :evil:

So I went home and thought about the 2 deals over the weekend.


floor mats
full tank of fuel
plus $1000 buy back on my mags

free freight to Darwin

The advantage for Adelaide was purely price ($590 to be exact). But the disadvantage was they were not a local dealer. After the sale I was not in the state so there is a chance that after they recieved my money and sent the car they might not give a ....... about me any more and I would be left to deal with my local dealer would not be happy at me for not purchasing from him. I would also be recieving the car off a truck probabley covered in dirt maby even a few stone chips and not gleaming new from the dealer.

Although slightly more expensive, the advantage for Darwin is that I get a buy back for my mags, service from the dealer I bought the car off who I can pop in and see and not be brushed off over the phone, floor mats and fuel and I get to pick the car up gleaming new. I was happy with this deal however given the Adelaide deal it had not quite hit the spot. So..........

Round 2 with Darwin

I explained to him that I really wanted to buy the car from him but his offer was not quite hitting the mark when compaired to the other. In the end he would not budge on the price but he offered me some accessories (head light protector or bonnet protector but I didnt want them), then a $100 credit for servicing. To cut a long story short, I told him to make it a $200 credit and I will sign the dotted line. After some hesitation thats how I became an owner of a new SP23 (well on paper anyway).

When you concider the initial offer $33300 I am happy that I will drive away at:

(after mag buy back)
floor mats,
full tank of fuel and
$200 service credit.

That seems like a GREAT deal!!!

And you seem to be an awesome bargainer...

This was my first new car purchase and i was a bit infatuated with the sp23 after the test drive.

Now i know in future what do do and how to milk!!! :D :D :D
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