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Had a couple hours today, got started on my Dual HID reverse light install.
The part shown here is the same as running a wire for a subwoofer amplifier. I'll be doing both eventually

Start out by removing the trim piece & glovebox. This requires removing the front seat kick panel, and the lower trim. The kick panel snaps out, and the lower trim has one clip then pulls off. Glovebox has 2 screws, then pulls out.

Thread a coat hanger through the large passenger side grommet, tape wire to coat hanger, and pull through. Leave enough in the engine bay side to run to the battery. Run the wire down alongside the stock wiring to the front kick panel area.

Then remove the back seat cushion (pull up in two locations) and the rear scuff panels. Run your coat hanger under the B pillar, then thread the wire back to the rear seat area.

The rear floor comes out, including the foam piece and the other part which holds the tire wrench, just two screws.
you can then easily run the wire through to the back, which is where I quit for today.

And here's how I ran the power wire through the engine bay, in a MS3.

Terminated it at the fuse block there for the time being. I'll run it to the battery when I've got a reason to have it connected & the other end isn't loose in my hatch.

More is coming when I get a chance to run the wires to the taillight area.
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