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This is a fairly easy thing to do. Sorry 'bout having my pics in the attachments, don't have my pics on the web anywhere and don't feel like taking the time. Anyway, here is how I did this simple mod.

1: Use a Hair Dryer to heat up the adhesive underneath the emblem. If it feels hot to the touch, it's hot enough. Do one small area at a time (I did the sides then the top and bottom). You will have to periodically reheat as you go.
2: Use dental floss to "saw" the adhesive behind the emblem (See pic). It is highly suggested you pad your fingers well for this. You will have to pull kinda hard while sawing to remove the glue. I used medical tape to wrap my fingers. You can see them in the pic. Also, make sure you have a decent supply of floss, it will continuosly break.
3: Once you have the floss wrapped around the pegs holding the emblem on, you have seperated all of the adhesive and can throw down the floss and unbandage fingers, get that blood flowing again!
4: Give the emblem a gentle tug on either side and it will pull of, then pull the other side. DO NOT USE TOOLS, IT PULLS OFF EASILY WITH YOUR HANDS.
5: Next, just pull out the clear plastic pegs from the holes. These also pull out with your fingers, no tools needed. Don't risk scratching your paint.
6: Use Goo-Gone or some other sort of sticky-stuff remover to get all of the adhesive off.
7: Wash the area well with windex or something that leaves no residue.
8: Put whatever emblem or sticker you want there! Just make sure it covers the holes.
9: I put a 3D Autobot emblem on there, at least until it falls off. The back of the hatch is very curved, so my plastic autobot emblem isn't exactly flush against the car, so rainwater and soap and such will probably make it fall off.

I hope this was helpful to anyone that has been wanting to remove their emblem safely. (and pics always make ME feel better about tackling a job.

Next Mod: Installing my Carbon Fiber Hood! (I'll post it in a couple of weeks)
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