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Yes, you have to turn the wheels which I wouldn't recommend on ramps. Either you're not going to be able to turn the wheel enough for it to work, or the car will fall off the ramps.

LOL!!! I should of read this first, I did mine on ramps and tried to turn the tires and one of my ramps went sideways, luckily I did not go far enough and was able to kick it back in place.

I did the drain and fill method and used a pump as well, I got out just about a quart of old fluid. I was at 48k miles, damn that fluid was a dark dark redish brown, really nasty.

I put the jackstands under after I almost messed up and did the turning very slowly back and forth.

Test drive felt great, very smooth, I did notice a difference, amazing what a little prevenative fluid changing can do.

I now have all my fluids drained and flushed.

Thanks for the write-up, very helpful.

I also took off my Fujita F5 intake to clean it, but it was not even dirty after 3 years, I was shocked. I have a hydroshield on it, so I did clean that.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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