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How to pass someone on the interstate in our ms3's

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If your going to pass someone on the interstate with our cars (doing 75 mph in 6th gear), what gear do you guys drop down to? A friend of mine told me to drop down to 4th skipping 5th gear. Does anyone do that or do you guys just drop down to 5th. Sorry for the dumb question as I have only been driving a standard for a month now. I'm guessing I should be rev matching before letting the clutch out when downshifting from 6th to 4th or should I just drop the clutch immediatly? I'd like to get more input from you guys before trying it. I looked up shifting tutorials but non of them explain how to pass someone on the interstate (quickly). Oh and my friend can't show me since he's in Iraq now.
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15sec from 65-80?
Im glad i dont have my Mz3 anymore :lol:

6th gear is what i use, anywhere above 55mph, it out accelerates most cars
But if racing or a heavy metal song is on or something, i go to 4th/5th for some grin/wow factor
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Man, I highly doubt you would ever need to drop it down to 4th to pass someone on the interstate. I drive an 06 Civic Si (which may eventually be traded in for an MS3 if the issues are worked out) and only drop it to 5th and I already have enough to pass someone comfortably. How many MPH is the end of the powerband (~5500RPM) in 5th gear for the MS3s?
round 120mph
have you done a 1/4 mile run yet edrection?
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