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How to get suspension parts at a low cost from a big company

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Assuming you know what you already want, check out shox dot com to see if they carry it. They don't carry everything but they're actually a distributor for Koni and others. Wholesalers, basically. Use their online ordering system to get the part number, then CALL them on the phone via the 800 number that's on top of every page.

Ask them to check stock, and if it is in stock, ask them what their best price is. Do not tell them that you're looking at it on the web site, unless the price they quote you is higher.

In my case, they had 1 set of FSD's in stock, the web site said $729, I paid $629 (plus CA tax). Includes overnight shipping, at least to my relatively close locale. I ordered them yesterday afternoon and they're on the UPS truck right now, out for delivery.

These guys have been around for 20 years, have a huge inventory, and are very phone-friendly. Ask for Mark.
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Thanks for the tip. I might be picking up a set of FSD's in the next month or so.

Do update us once they're installed and you've given them a road test.
$629 is a great price, but the fact that they're $729 on their website is completely ridiculous. Plenty of our sponsors here sell them regularly for around $650. Still, a good tip!
I originally ordered them a month ago from a popular vendor here, but after waiting a month, they never showed up.

The other company beat their price and got them to me 20 hours after calling the order in. Customer service doesn't get any better than that!

Guess who I'll be calling next time they have something I want?

Anyway, one of the local forum members is going to install them for me on Tuesday, I should have a pretty good "handle" on them by the end of the week.
Looks like their price went back up as it's 625 before tax, about 676 after. :cry: :cry:
That's $4 cheaper than I paid. They should only hit you with sales tax if you live in California. Which I didn't mind paying since they had them in stock and got them to me overnight. Still, even $676 is a really good price.
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