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Apply parking brake

Switch ignition ON ( Don't turn engine ON, just IGN ON)
AT-without depressing brake pedal, hit push start button x2
MT- without depressing clutch pedal, hit push start button x2

Make sure light switch is at OFF position.

from next step, you must act quick for each step. It's very easy combination, so read and understand what you need to do and try quick.

1. Depress brake pedal and continue depressing brake pedal until remaining steps 2-4 are completed.

2. Turn light switch to TNS(parkign light)ON position and turn OFF for 5 times
Don't turn low beam ON, just one click to parking light ON only

3. Turn hazard lamp switch ON and OFF for 5 times ( you will hit switch 10 times)

4. Do step 2 again. Turn light switch to TNS(parkign light)ON position and turn OFF for 5 times

wait for few seconds (let's say count 3) while still holding brake pedal depressed.

Step 2, 3 and 4, each step needed to be completed within 5 secs.
Total process need to be completed within 23 sec

Try turn engine ON and check to see if you successfully turn DRL off.

Same procedure to re-activate DRL.

My car is 2015 i touring, halogen high beam as DRL.
Don't know about LED DRL type one.. Try and let us know!!

Not like I don't like DRL, in fact, i made my own DRL system in gen1 Mazda3 when I had.. Just for information those who want to know that you have option to do so.

Manual says EXCEPT CANADA specs, so may only be switchable US spec only.

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Tried several other procedures online and none of them worked. Tried this one and they turned off after the first try, thanks for the help!
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