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If you are seriously considering about lowering your Ford Fiesta and toughen up it's suspension a little, check out the Coilover kit made by Bilstein.

This kit is the perfect combination of safety, performance and style, which will impress not only you with quiet, comfortable and smooth driving experience, but also thousands of pedestrians if they are lucky enough to see your lowered ride proceeding down the streets.

Bilstein® - B14 Series PSS Performance Lowering Coilover Kit

Axle Load: Front Axle Load up to 850 kg. Rear Axle Load up to 785 kg.
Dampers: Zinc Plated.
Springs: Blue.
0.79"-1.38" Front and 0.79"-1.57" Rear Lift Height

You can find all Bilstein products at

How low do you want to lower your Fiesta?
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