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How did you align your HKS BOV?

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Are you guys getting any rubbing from the hood shroud with the HKS BOV? I have the cp-e adaptor flange so that allows me to rotate the valve if need be....but i am still getting some rubbing onto the hood duct....right now I have it positioned as best as possible without kinking my street unit silicone recirc hose...and without blocking the vacuum fitting on the rear of the HKS BOV

I can see markings on my hood duct after going out for a drive....and also I can hear it if I go into reverse

is there a trick to it or something?
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stock bpv ftw!
Mine is the cp-e kit and I bought it used/assembled, so I just bolted it on... but I don't have any rubbing at all. this is the best pic I have of it installed.

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it looks like your recirc hose is kinked?
no problem with it kinked that way................
[quote author=DeToX link=topic=134465.msg2890689#msg2890689 date=1232957231]
no problem with it kinked that way................


that isn't very kinked, tbh. the only way to make sure the HKS doesn't rub is to turn it so that the recirc hose is coming out of it almost parallel to the ground. if you're worried about the stock hose, you can just buy a SU replacement recirc hose...that works even better, since it's reinforced silicone.
the HKS requires a modification if you are running the stock TMIC cover, and depending on the angle of the valve, it may touch the shroud on the hood. You can always just turn it flatter, with some muscle to avoid the hood shroud from hitting. YOu can also adjust your hood away from the body of the car with those little rubber pieces on the corners.
Diablo, nothing on the hood ever hits the valve. Its the plastic cover that goes over the intercooler/electronics/solenoids that it hits. I have my SSQV almost parallel with the ground. My intercooler cover just barely touches the BOV, and I have not taken a dremel to any of it. You could take a dremel to the little lip and flatten it out where the valve is. That should give you all the clearance you need. Or, you could buy a couple washers and put them under the cover where the bolts tighten it down onto the intercooler. That would raise it up just that millimeter or 2 that you may need.

I have never had a problem with the rubbing. I'm usually very particular about everything, but for this little thing I felt it was best to not shred up the plastic cover. You never know, the dealership could see that you cut up the cover and think you have modified your car. Yes its a big long shot, but I would rather not risk it when it comes them voiding my warranty.
*update* here are some pictures...i took the advice of fellow members...I rotated the valve as much as I can to get it horizontally...this is as horizontal as I can go...yes the hose does kink....theres no way around it if you ask me...pretty badly the last pic you see the hose not that kinked...I played around with it and squeezed it in and was able to un kink itself but it goes back after awhile...

do the pictures look about right? I do not experience the rubbing anymore when going into thats a plus...I thought the kinked hose would give me drive ability seems like it performs great so far

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08 crystal white did your vacuum fitting end up at the bottom? I notice mine is at the top and yours is at the bottom...did you modify that part?
you can loosen the nuts and bolts on the cap with the vac fitting. be careful though because there is a spring under the cap. once all the bolts are out you can rotate the cap and vac fitting to where ever you like :)
That's the way it was when I got it.

The hose isnt kinked at all on mine, it's just bad angle of the camera. That's why I have the stock black clamp a little further down the tube, it takes the kink out of it... it just bends slightly to go under/behind the MS CAI.

okay guys I rotated the rear cap like sleeperstang1994 said works much better than the stock location...i suggest everybody who purchases an HKS BOV to disassemble the BOV and rotate the cap first, before putting the c ring on....the ms3 vacuum line location is much better suited when the cap is rotated and the vacuum nipple sticking upside need a 2.5mm allen wrench for the small bolts...the nut is a small ass size...i think its a 4mm which I do not have a socket for....I just use some needle nose pliers to hold the nut in place while I wrenched the allen side...i ended up scratching some of the beautiful black BOV paint :lol:

btw I'm still having problems with the recirc hose kinking...i do have the SU silicone recirc hose cut to length...its still kinking...when the valve sits at somewhat of an angle, the hose is perfectly fine....its only when I rotate the bov to be horizontal (in order to avoid hood rubbing)...

I don't know what to do...I want the hose not kinked up....but then I would have to rotate the valve at an angle then hood duct rubbing becomes a problem
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[quote author=08CrystalWhite_SoCal_MS3 link=topic=134465.msg2890623#msg2890623 date=1232953129]
Mine is the cp-e kit and I bought it used/assembled, so I just bolted it on... but I don't have any rubbing at all. this is the best pic I have of it installed.


Mine has never rubbed and looks the same way as this one...

BTW they make 2 different adapter flanges...

eff recirc btw!
I've ran mine VTA before, 1-2 and 2-3 had a nasty hesitation, and the sound was cool for about a day... then it got annoying. :lol:
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