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highway noise (videos)

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when i drive my car at 120km/h or faster the car starts to make a noise, as you can hear in the video is sounds like a rattle or sometihng, does anythong know what it is? it only happens when i press that gas and stops when i let off the gas.
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Does it go away at higher speeds? It kinda sounds like rod knock, but you'd be hearing that all the time if that's what it was.
you can only hear at 120km/h and i have hear it at 160km/h, it also doesn't matter what gear i am in and unber 120 it sounds fine.
anyone know what that sound is? :?
Just to make sure its not a rod or valve related, open the hood up and have someone rev the engine a little, if you hear the rattle that changes its frequency with RPM, then its engine related, if you hear nothing then it could be a rattle inside your cabin.

To me it sounded as if it is engine related and you did say that you only heae it when you press the accelerator, and just because you hear it at 120km/h and above doeasn't mean its bot there.

Hope its nothing serious. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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