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HID problems?

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I just installed my HIDS yesterday and im kind of worried about the pattern im getting. Take a look at these pics and let me know if that is normal.

Heres the car all done.

This is the pattern while driving. You can see alot of sharp light patterns that are blue in color. I dont think those are normal. Are they?

More pics

Is this pattern normal? What can i do to fix it if it is not or is it the stock headlight itself. Im really hoping its not the stock projector. Cause that would be a pain to fix. I was thinking of aiming the headlight a little more up from there current position. What do you guys think.
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I just recently re-installed my HIDs this week, and was riding around with my HIDs looking like the picture of yours from the inside driving. I fixed them though, with a little help of a friend. I was turning the bulb when it was on (inside of the housing) until i got the maximum light output. It all depends how the bulb sits in the housing before you put the retention clip on. Usually, if the retention clip is hard to clip in, the bulb is seating improperly.
Im going to have to try and reseat the bulbs. But i think the notch on the bulb was lined up in the correct spot on the housing. Could it be the bulbs?
Try to turn the bulbs. Do it in a dark (and safe) place so that you can see the detail of the light and how well it shines as you twist it. I doubt it's bulbs... what kit did you get?
Prolumen 5000k. Its supposed to warm up here in nj next week. I guess i can put up with the pattern till then.
Can you take a pic further back? It looks like your step is backwards.
^ what I was thinking... your cutoff line looks sharp though!
where you able to fix this problem? i think my problem is very similar. of course i am going crazy at the moment with my kit. i think i might just take them out and put regular halogens in, so much of a hassle for me. i cant see anything in front of me only on the sides.

if you solve your problem, please let me know how you fixed it.

[quote author=mentalcase link=topic=69017.msg1196545#msg1196545 date=1171001206]
Prolumen 5000k. Its supposed to warm up here in nj next week. I guess i can put up with the pattern till then.

I have the prolumen 6000k as well. Although I really like Devin and he's a really nice guy but I have to say the bulbs he's selling aren't that great. It's so hard to put these bulbs in compare with the other ones that I have sitting around (Helios, and few other bulbs that was given to me by a friend so I don't know the brands). And for whatever reason, the prolumen bulbs creates these crazy lines(shadowed spots) where lights are missing which I don't have with others.

I'm not trying to blame this one Devin, it was really my fault, too. But because when I put the prolumen bulbs in, I noticed these crazy patterns right away and one side is just dimmer than the other, so I was trying to aim it until I over-adjusted it. Now I cannot aim it anymore that I have to get a new housing for my passenger side.

I would say, I recommand buying from Devin because he's got some nice products and customer service. But as for his H7 HID bulbs, I would not touch them again myself. For the price of $150/pair you'd expect they'd do a better job. The ballasts are still good though, they're working fine for me.
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I was complaining about my yellow flare, but looking at your picture, if yours are okay, mines are too! :p

Your cutoff is ok, I would say you have a blind spot on the left (One of my friend (Jono) has the same issue with his Prolumen.) and a weird triangle shape on the right.

Try to switch them to see if it does the same think. Then you'll know it's the bulb.
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