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so i just went to the dealer and looked at the HB and i really liked how the car looked ,inside and out. :D i wanted to test drive a 5 speed but they only had an auto ready at this time :cry: ( i dont how true that was or they just got a crap load of auto's and want them off the lot) . so now to what i thought about the car.

the seats are good not great could be a little better.

the dash i love it . it looks so cool . alot better then my 83 Z-28

the auto was very nice . and since i busted my left knee this past Dec. i think i would be a better thing to get . plus with working 12 hour days i really dont want to shift a car at the end of the day. yes im lazy :lol:

the exterior very sweet and i really like the winning blue. plus the 17 inch wheels thats a plus.

the ride was very nice . not to load inside the car. handled very nice it went where i wanted to go.

and the plus of the whole test drive was the dealer gives you a loaner car. plus all mazdaspeed parts bought and put on by them will not void anything.

so after alot of thinking and test driving cars im 99.99% sure that this is going to be my new car. you get a lot of car for under $20,000 .

well i hope to hang around and post here when i can.
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