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Hi guys! New here.

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Just thought I'd say hey and introduce myself. I'm a current owner of a 2009 Cobalt SS/TC coupe and a 2002 Explorer Sport. Just recently started thinking about getting rid of my Explorer and this gave me the dilemma of finding something that will haul my drums since my cobalt won't fit a 18x22" bass drum with case.

I've owned a 2004 SVT Focus 3 door hatchback before and absolutely love newer hatchbacks, so this gave me the MS3 idea. I'm going to test drive one soon, but anything you guys can tell me about what to look out for? I may be grabbing up a leftover 2008, but may snag a 2009 if it's a decent price.

Oh, and here's a couple pictures of the cobalt for anyone interested (I'm a photographer also).

Edit: also these are a poor reflection of my work lol. I will post some of the Z06 and Viper if need be.
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Welcome to the forums. love the Cobalt, looks good.

I think if you pick up a Mazdaspeed 3 you will be very happy. plenty of room in the back to haul just about anything.

For the price and performance you will not find a better deal, and you will love the handling.

Do you plan to stick with red or did you have another color in mind.

BTW my name is Troy - you can check out my Hatch on Cardomain and myspace, links in my signature.
Thanks! I love that blue on your car! I'm finding a good amount of true red MS3's around me, but I kind of have my eye set on metropolitan grey or the white.
I'll bet more people will push you toward the white than gray, but metro is a beautiful (underrated!) color, especially if you keep it washed and waxed.
Probably depends on what is closest to me and what dealer is willing to go down a little bit since there are still 08's on the lots.
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I'll bet more people will push you toward the white than gray, but metro is a beautiful (underrated!) color, especially if you keep it washed and waxed.

i second that - the car is absolutely beautiful after a wash...on the flipside all the salt we've been getting around here lately b/c of the snow makes it look horrendous, mine was filthy yesterday before i took it in for a bath & was actually kinda sad looking at it with all that salt on it...$10 and a wash later i was happy again :)
Same way with my Victory Red on the Cobalt. Looks TERRIBLE after I drove in snow with it (luckily I had my explorer for the rest of the snow). What are some of the good lip kits for the MS3? I've seen some great looking MS3's but most of them have a nice lip kit on them. I'm going to keep the modding to a minimal since it should retain most of the warranty due to college and lack of making any "real" money (aka a good job).
A dealer will give me $17,500 for my cobalt as trade-in and the MS3 for $22,634. I may jump on it. Trying to get a couple other dealers to match or beat it. =D
You're lookin' to get rid of the explorer or the cobalt? Just curious, because I like that cobalt!
I have a white 3 & coming from some dark cars I don't see myself going back to any dark colors again soon (just to hard to keep clean).
Getting rid of both cars. More sensible to have just the MS3 if I can haul my equipment that I usually put in the explorer. :) plus it's one on insurance and one personal property tax at the end of the year!
Just got it 2 days ago. 20% tint is coming in the next week. (I'll get a better photo shoot when I have time)

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Congratulations on your new purchase! Seeing what you did with your cobalt, very interested to see what you will do with your new ride. A little jealous though that you got the speed.
[quote author=titaniumSS link=topic=138000.msg2990568#msg2990568 date=1236887643]
Just got it 2 days ago. 20% tint is coming in the next week. (I'll get a better photo shoot when I have time)


nice pix! keep us posted as your mods progress. :nice:
Congrats bud... So... how do you think it compares to the Cobalt?? just curios
Thanks all! I'm excited to start the modding, although it may come slower since I just started a new job so I need to get in the swing of that first.

In comparison to the cobalt, it is much nicer inside and out. It rides a little lower but doesn't have the low front lip like the cobalt did. The shifter is much smoother, and it's a 6 speed! (Thank God!) The things I liked about the cobalt better was it got about 2 mpg better (which I'm fine with because for being ~200-250 heavier and with a bigger engine, that's not bad!), had a boost gauge, BOV was 100% recirculating and didn't leak in high rpms, was quicker in the corners and in the straights, and the seats were more bolstered. But the MS3 grabs the curves and makes it their bitch! lol and the seats are more comfortable, just less side bolstering to them.

All in all, they may be in the same category, but they are pretty different from one another. I gladly gave up the things mentioned for what the MS3 obviously has over the cobalt.

Plus the exhaust tone sounds very nice. Better than the 2.0L in the cobalt.
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