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Il first be putting pictures up of japanese modified cars and of course there are some mazda 3s in it :p.

Ive just started this blog and would love for you all to even pop over and have a look at some cars. The page isnt finished yet but i will be updating and improving it every day!.

Here is the link for all you modding lovers!
If you like this blog would you also link it to other forums, clubs, facebook and twitter (Pretty please) . I hope to get 500,000 views within the first few months.

Many thanks to you all and i hope to see you on it.

And mods please dont remove this. It isnt spam as it is related to mazda 3s in the sense that it contains a few pictures. I also own a 2006 , 1.6 Litre , 3 TS :) :p
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