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I'm the Worcester MA area as well.. i seem to be having the Same issue.

My rear calipers seized..Both of them. I had brand new rotors, calipers, and pads put in, but I think the mechanic didn't bleed the brakes properly, there may be air in there lines still. I kinda have to pump the brakes to get a "Stiff Brake" feel out of them. Also another odd problem that I"m having is between 10 - 20 Mph there's a clicking noise coming out of my back right .. it sounds like the caliper is clamping and releasing rapidly. Any ideas?

I had to pay a guy $613 dollars to get all this garbage done, he had to bleed my brakes TWICE before I got any response out of the brakes.

I live in Upton MA, but go to College at WPI, if anyone's got any advice that would be awesome..
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