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Help!Noise inside my Mazda 3 cabin rear compartment

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I bought my mazda 3 06' 6 months ago and I have no problem with it except one tiny little but annoying where I have this rattling sound when I close all windows of the cars and listen to it in a rigid non-straight road I hear this sound coming from under rear windshield it looks like metal to metal clicking the agent told me that we have to re-weld all the joint spots under the rear windshield in the trunk but for me I'm not truly convinced with doin such a step cos I can't count on Egyptian dealer workshop we are not in Europe or japan its the 3rd world... so , I'm trying to look for a solution perhaps i'd figure it out who knows..! On one topic in a forum around one says you have to wait for the summer atmosphere where sun heat affects metal natural turns it into its normal case cancelling any noticable sounds or noises in winter..I really don't know if this coud be regarded .. If any one of you imagine the situation i'm facing ..please, reply to me ....
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Are you hearing that noise from the top of the rear windshield or from trunk area. If it is from the trunk compartment then there is a TSB for it regarding using expansion foam to fill the gaps between metal panels. If the noise is coming from the top of the rear windshield, between the glass & roof area. Then it could be the clips on the glass that was used during assembly at the factory. These clips will have to be removed in order to eliminate the noise and that requires removal of the rear windshield and resealing.

Good luck with yours.
I believe that the sound (Noise) is coming from under the rear windshield I mean exactley metal under the back plastic shelf resides under the rear windshield but the question is what's TSB? and how can i fill the metal under the plastic cover how can I remove it?or you mean that I should buy this TSB and go to my local mazda workshop to work around the problem and have them filling it in for me ... sorry for bothering by too many question but i'm really a newbie with all these stuff...
Thanks for the help but unfortunately, It doesn't work I ve tried to spray this liquid STP anti-squeaking ,anti-rusting and (Not a FOAM) all over the bottom of the metals using thin pipe to push in narrow tunnels and wholes but i still hear "clicking sound not squeaking like tick tick from the right side of this compartment under the plastic shield as if a spot joint is loose only with a very slow speed with a very rigid unflatted ground "..I dont know what to do!!!
did you manage to fix it?
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